The big three: S&P 500, DJIA, and Nasdaq all closed at record highs. Returns thus far in 2019 have more than paid for summer vacation. Enjoy!

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Longest Economic Expansion in U.S. History

The current United States expansion just became its longest in history!

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224,000 Jobs Added in June Far Exceeding Analysts Estimates

224,000 workers attained employment in June, significantly exceeding analysts estimates. Since President Trump was elected in Nov. 2016, the U.S. economy has added a total of 6,250,000 new jobs, and the workforce has grown by 4.3%. June’s figure is 14.9% higher than Trump’s 195,000 thirty-two month average. Is the economy “really great” as Republicans espouse, or is this expansion a continuation of the Obama era? One thing is sure, jobs are plentiful, and it is wonderful to see Americans working. Growth isn’t everything; it is the only thing!

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♫Vacation, all I ever wanted; vacation, had to get away♫

It’s that time of year, summertime! When it comes to traveling abroad – price is what you pay, value is what you get. For those looking for the most bang for their buck two of my favorite places to travel have just gone on sale! Vacationing in Buenos Aires, Argentina is a happening place with Uber access, good food, excellent Malbec wine, and, the tango. Stockholm, Sweden has beautiful people, cool summer weather, the Vasa Museum, and the Intercontinental Hotel where I met Garth Brooks when I stayed there and he gave me front row tickets to his concert for free! Both of these amazing countries have seen their currencies fall by 13.1% and 6%, respectively. Source: WSJ.

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Employment Report

The U.S. growth engine is being driven by service oriented businesses now accounting for over 71% of all jobs, while government and goods-producers amount to 15%, and 14%, respectively. In May, 90,000 new hires were added to the private sector, led by service providers at 82,000 workers, while goods producers grew by 8,000. Last month the government sector eliminated 15,000 jobs. Private sector payrolls rose 1.8% in the past year, an increase of 2,263,000, while government hiring was a scant 0.4%, at 87,000. For enterprising individuals looking to open a business for themselves, or find gainful employment, I’d say taking a closer look into the services space is a great place to start!

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#1 Save More

#2 Spend Less

#3 Increase Income

#4 Invest Always

#5 Do Not Lose Money

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What Really Drives Asset Price Appreciation?

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When it comes to investing over the long run, I’ve found that by taking a broad view and drilling downward can bring the investment mosaic nicely into focus. #DigitalAdvisor

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Real Returns Are Most Important

What’s the stock market, economy, society, and future all about? It is universally about “people.” The renowned fund manager, Peter Lynch, espoused investing in companies producing goods and services that an individual purchases for themselves. I’ve observed, those investing capital and keeping their pulse on human needs, wants, and activities, over the long-term are rewarded accordingly.

When considering people, their existence and well-being, are what’s most important. A better life is measured by contentment with one’s standard-of-living. When it comes to investing money, the objective is to maintain and sustain our present living standards. It is necessary to make sound investments, diversify sufficiently, and not to lose money.

Secondly, inflation has averaged about three percent over the past 100 years, it is closer to two-percent at present. Inflation increases costs of food, shelter, energy, healthcare, and many of the products and services humans need for existence. For people to live the life they desire socially and financially, it is important to have investments that historically have outperformed the adverse effects of inflation. The chart below shows the S&P 500 after-inflation returns yearly since the end of World War II.

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Job’s Report Reversal or not?

You decide! Today’s jobs announcement as reported by the Establishment Survey (CES) suggests a stark slowdown in new hiring compared to the average trend. Conversely, the Household Survey (CPS) seems to argue a continuum of the job growth story. Unquestionably, the overall employment expansion was stymied from the Government Shutdown. Also, I suspect C-Suite decision makers were digesting the aftershocks of the stock market’s Q4 market descent of nearly 20% and chose to tighten up on the growth reins until sentiment normalized.

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