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FREDCAST – I hit #2 for the month!

#TADA! I’ve been an active participant in the St. Louis Fed’s ongoing forecasting game since it launched a few years back. I just hit my highest outcome ever! I predicted that GDP would fall ↓30% in Q2, the actual number … Continue reading

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Biden’s Blue Wave Capital Gains Bite

How much of an impact will the “Biden Capital Gains Tax” have on consumers’ wallets, the economy, and the stock market? Some fearmongers are calling the “Blue Wave” tax strategy a stake right through the heart of U.S. economic recovery! … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Palm Beach County Update

There are currently reported 369,834 positive coronavirus cases in Florida. Palm Beach County (PBC) has a population of 1.5 million, with 26.9 thousand positive cases, or 7% of the state’s total, Broward and Miami report 12%, and 24%, respectively. Currently, … Continue reading

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Everyone Needs a Partner!

Everyone needs a partner! Capital is that partner. Capital has proven to have been a reliable and rewarding partner, historically! Capital works for you. It is always on the clock, never tardy or absent, and shows up 365 days a … Continue reading

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Mortgage Rates Fall to Record Lows▼

Since 1971, Freddie Mac has been tracking the 30-year fixed mortgage rate; 3.03% is the lowest ever! There has never been a better time to refinance and invest the savings for your future.

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Follow the Money!

Want to become a better investor? The Federal Reserve does a yeoman’s work to provide the American saver and investor where all the money goes. Anne Scheiber, one of my investing heroes who amassed $22 million over her lifetime by … Continue reading

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A $10 Trillion Rescue Package: Will it Ignite Inflation?

“Inflation is always a monetary phenomenon that occurs by a rapid increase in the quantity of money.” —Milton Friedman (Nobel Prize Recipient) Inflation averaged 3.2% since 1914; today it sits anchored at .2%. There have been episodes of high inflation … Continue reading

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🐮 V-Shaped Recovery ↔ The Sky is Falling 🐔

“I am very cautious about going against the herd; I am liable to be trampled on.” —George Soros Has the stock market’s behavior been a resounding clarion call to anyone open to listening? Real investors, the intrepid souls with skin-in-the-game … Continue reading

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